Empire Technical Associates with headquarters in Skaneateles, NY, is strategically located and focused on key customers in Upstate NY.  Founded in 1983 we cover accounts from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo.   We have strong relationships with key distributors and a pro-active New Business Opportunity (NBO) tracking system to ensure our mutual success.  As part of Empire Technology Group, we have rep alliances covering the entire New York and New England regions.


High Performance on a reduced board size

  • QorIQ™ PowerPC or ARM based 64-bit multicore processor
  • Optimized embedded DDR4 interface for optimized performances

Reduce Time-To-Market

  • Linux BSP & Multiple RTOS
  • DDR Processor link & timings guaranteed
  • Modularity at product & system levels

 Long Term availability

  • Life Cycle Management Service
  • Guaranteed Supply Chain (+20 years)

Upstate NY Markets Served


Featured Product Updates


Founded in 1960 and one of the premier RF and Microwave component rep firms, Em-Tech Associates is now part of Empire Technical Associates and proudly carries on the tradition of representing the best RF /Microwave suppliers in the industry.  We have developed the contacts and expertise to quickly promote your products into the Mil/Aero and RF customer base here in Upstate NY.

Empire Technical Associates PO Box 263 Skaneateles NY 13152-0263 Phone: 315-685-5703


"Responsiveness is our trademark"

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